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The Real Iranian Problem

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a lecture at the Geological Society of London about earthquakes. One thing said, was that Tehran is due a very large and damaging quake, because of the way they have developed the city.

Then in Cambridge last week, I had an Iranian taxi-driver and when I told him this, he said that most people in the city believe it and are incensed that their money is spent on unwanted vanity projects by the corrupt Iranian government. It was one of the reasons why he left Iran.

The Turkey/Iran area has always been earthquake-prone. And always will be. Remember Bam.  The Wikipedia article pointed to, says some interesting things about Iran’s policy, including possibly moving the capital.

The Times today is saying that it can’t import the grain it needs because of sanctions stopping it being paid for. The sanctions are linked to non-compliance with international nuclear regulations.   The nuclear regulations were in part put in place as a quid quo pro for American assistance over the Bam earthquake.

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