The Anonymous Widower

An Obituary For an Unknown in the Fight Against Capital Punishment in the UK

I have said before that C used to visit prisoners in Holloway Prison in the early 1970s.

Yesterday, the Times and other papers carried reports of the death or full obituaries of the death of Stella Cunliffe.

Here is the report of her death on the Surrey Today website.

I have a feeling that C used to visit Holloway prison in a group, which involved this formidable lady. She seems to have provided the statistical evidence for the abolishment of capital punishment in parts or all of the UK.  The obituaries vary.

There’s more here on Wikipedia, which states she was one of the first civilians to go into Belsen.

I think I met her a couple of times in about 1970 and we never knew what she did.  Her male friend and they were just that, was a senior hospital manager and one of the best practical jokers that I’ve ever come across. I have to admit to stealing one of his best jokes.

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The Real Iranian Problem

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a lecture at the Geological Society of London about earthquakes. One thing said, was that Tehran is due a very large and damaging quake, because of the way they have developed the city.

Then in Cambridge last week, I had an Iranian taxi-driver and when I told him this, he said that most people in the city believe it and are incensed that their money is spent on unwanted vanity projects by the corrupt Iranian government. It was one of the reasons why he left Iran.

The Turkey/Iran area has always been earthquake-prone. And always will be. Remember Bam.  The Wikipedia article pointed to, says some interesting things about Iran’s policy, including possibly moving the capital.

The Times today is saying that it can’t import the grain it needs because of sanctions stopping it being paid for. The sanctions are linked to non-compliance with international nuclear regulations.   The nuclear regulations were in part put in place as a quid quo pro for American assistance over the Bam earthquake.

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What Do You Call People You Don’t Know?

They had this discussion on the BBC this morning, after a bus driver called a lady babe in Brighton and she objected.

Generally, I don’t mind, except if they call me Jim.  Jim was my father, as I said before.

You should never assume any nicknames and to me, ones like sir, thanks, mate and luv are generally acceptable. I notice also in London, that a lot of drivers often wave you through after your ticket has been accepted.  Which is acceptable to everybody and especially those who are hard of hearing. The machine also tells you to go with a visible message.

I had to laugh though when Quentin Somerville of the BBC, then said his report was on his Twitter account called MrSommerville.

So not everyone is informal!

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Scotland on Sir Fred

Whilst searching for Scotland’s reaction to Sir Fred’s fall from grace, I found this page in the Glasgow Herald.

There are some funny bits, including one, about how you toast a haggis if you’re teetotal.

But this bit on Sir Fred’s Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh is priceless.

After The Herald revealed that disgraced banker Sir Fred Goodwin may have his Fellowship from the august Royal Society of Edinburgh removed, reader John Duffy in Edinburgh suggests: “Could they not just downgrade him to an Associate, just for the pleasure of seeing a more appropriate set of letters after his name.”

I’m not sure if he’s actually lost his Fellowship.

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Leaving Facebook

I never use the site and although I had a profile, I was getting a bit fed up with some messages the site was sending me.  I should say there was nothing offensive, but I prefer to deal privately with people or through LinkedIn. So I decided to leave,logged in and looked for the Delete Profile button.

There isn’t an obvious one and I had to use Google to search for how to do it. But once I found a page on Yahoo, it was pretty much plain sailing. But one typing mistake would have meant my profile stayed.

All of these networking sites, should be obvious and easy to leave, so that those perhaps having unwanted messages can protect themselves virtually instantly.

I shall report, if I get any more communications from Facebook.

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