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The Unwelcoming Face of Addison Lee

I’ve never used a mini-cab in London, as usually when I need a taxi, I’m in a place where I can flag an empty black cab down.  I also live close to the route back to the City, that is usually taken by black cabs.  So when it is raining and say I need a black cab for the theatre, it’s only a few seconds before one appears.

So I doubt I would ever need one of the forthright John Griffin’s mini-cabs from Addison Lee.

A few days ago, he was urging his drivers to use bus lanes. As a very regular bus user, I am against this and am pleased to see that Transport for London is taking action according to this report.

Now he has had a go against cyclists. Again it is reported on the BBC. The comments here are mild compared to some sites I’ve looked at.

As some of their mini-cabs sometimes hang around my area, I had thought about possibly using them.  But not now! How could I be sure, that I would get what I paid for?

I also find mini-cabs and some may be from Addison Lee a nuisance in the West End, when I’m trying to get my bus home from the theatre. Some tend to block the pavements and junctions, when they are waiting for their passengers.

I would not be bothered if wardens decided to clamp down on this illegal practice.

So I’ll stick to the reliable 38 bus and the occasional black cab.

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