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Death Of A Cyclist

It is always very sad when someone dies, but the death of a cyclist outside the Olympic Stadium is creating a few waves as well.

He was knocked off his bike and killed by a media bus, at a place that cyclists have said was dangerous for years. It was the typical cyclist under a turning vehicle accident, if any accident is typical.

I know it doesn’t help his family, but Bradley Wiggins has made strong statements about safety and said that all cyclists should wear helmets at all times.

One subsidiary point, was that quite a few of the soldiers guarding the Olympics were about but sadly couldn’t save the victim. Surely, this in itself is an argument for using soldiers at big events, as I suspect their emergency medical skills are a lot better than your average security guard.

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  1. Wiggins declined his alleged call to make helmets compulsory later:

    There has been a long discussion in the cycling community about the helmets and other special gear. Personally I always wear a helmet and wear hi-vis vest as well when cycling in the evening, but I’m strongly against making it a rule. It turns cycling into a “big deal” which it shouldn’t really be – I mean, you should be able just to hop on your bike and go if you need, without changing your clothes, shoes and carrying a helmet around. It should be less hassle to cycle than to drive a to take a bus, that’s what it’s all about.

    Also, while wearing a helmet is still safer than not to wear it (that’s why I’m always wearing mine), it doesn’t make a slightest difference if you’re run over by a large vehicle, like it happened recently in the Olympic park.

    So it’s a good thing, but only as long as it remains voluntary. If made mandatory it’d just put people off cycling back to cars and buses without providing much safety for remaining cyclists.

    Comment by Yuriy | August 4, 2012 | Reply

    • When I was growing up in the 1950s, no-one wore helmets. One of the guys in my Primary School was killed on the road at seven and as you can imagine it left an impression. His names is common like mine and whenever I hear it, I remember that incident.

      A few years later, a girl at my secondary school, was run over and killed by a lorry, as she cycled home from school at lunchtime. Because, she’d left all her books at school, it was not possible to identify her. So the headmaster called all the girls into the hall and they found out who she had been killed by elimination. It had a severe effect on all the girls in the school. I bet there’s a few, who’ve never ridden a bike since.

      Comment by AnonW | August 4, 2012 | Reply

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