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My First INR Self Test

I’ve just taken my first INR self-test.  Or should I say successful one, as I tried yesterday and couldn’t get a proper sample onto the machine.

But today, I thought it through and sat at the table with everything on a clean face flannel. I actually used my gammy left hand to take a sample from the right

I recorded a value of 2.2, which is in my target range of 2.0 to 3.0.

The major problem other than getting the sample quick enough was trying to read the manual whilst I was using both hands to do the test.

The Non-Spiral Bound CoaguChek Manual

My father would be fuming now, as he believed after fifty years in the printing business that all instruction manuals should be spiral bound.

I just proved him absolutely right.

Some people might have worried about making yourself bleed. I didn’t as I spent fifty years badly-biting by nails and fingers. Often until they have bled!

It’s generally all stopped now, although my nails aren’t good, but that’s down to the humidity!

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  1. […] for my problems with the manual, my biggest problem has been pricking my finger with the Softclix device, to get a drop of blood to […]

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