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I went to see it this afternoon.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s only about the fourth or fifth Bond film, I’ve actually seen. I saw the three early ones; Dr. No, From Russia With Love and Goldfinger, before I went to University.

Although C and I were together for forty years, I think we may only have seen one together and that could have been Thunderball or You Only Live Twice.

She wasn’t really keen on that sort of action film.

For many years too, whilst we were raising the kids, we rarely had time for the cinema and tended to go to the theatre or out for a meal.

I did see Quantum of Solace on the way back from Hong Kong, but does that really count as it wasn’t in a cinema.

In fact, I must be one of the few people, who’ve never seen a Bond film on the small screen.  After all, Bond has always been on a channel with adverts and I don’t like intermissions.

I don’t think we even took the children to see any of the others.

So if my memory is correct, Skyfall was the sixth Bond film, I’d seen in the cinema.

I said that I enjoyed it and in some ways very much how I enjoyed the early ones.  It was fresh and different with just the right amount of humour to go with the action.

I’ve read all of the novels, including some in French, and I think Sam Mendes has captured the exotic themes of the books. To someone like myself growing up in a London suburb, places like the Caribbean and Istanbul were very exotic to say the least. The choice of  Hashima Island for the villain’s lair was the sort of idea of which Ian Fleming would have approved.

So in some ways the film went back to the 1960s for me.

As ever though, the computing in the film isn’t as good as it could be. But that would be my only major gripe. Although, the tube train is a deep-level one running between sub-surface stations. It’s actually because it was shot in the old Charing Cross platforms for the Jubilee Line, which turn up in quite a lot of films and videos.

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  1. I liked Skyfall too, although the set-piece dramatics were rather ordinary. Perhaps we are getting spoiled. But some good back-story stuff, and a nice transition between old M and new M. Sad about the old Aston Martin.

    Comment by AnnieG | November 15, 2012 | Reply

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  3. […] I’ve never seen any of the films, but I have seen their posters on the side of London buses.  Usually, the more posters, the worse the film. Perhaps Skyfall was an exception, as I enjoyed that film. […]

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