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I don’t drive anymore, as my eyesight deteriorated badly due to a stroke.

I object to all the money that is wasted by the NHS in dealing with so many of these non-existent lawyer-driven whiplash claims.

People should just drive a bit more carefully!

Or use public transport like I do!  The great thing about public transport in many parts of London and especially this one, is staff and fellow passengers often make it a friendly experience. Perhaps, Transport for London, should sell silly hats like this one, in aid of charity!

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  1. Oh James! My initial injury was “twisted whiplash”. My daughter was stationary at a roundabout, as was appropriate, when a driver came up the exit slip and ran into the back of us. The people who sustain whiplash are not the people driving badly, it is the people behind who run into them, having not left suitable stopping distance. Insurance company paid most of my costs, not NHS. I didnt completely recover from it, but was okay on a day to day basis, when I had the second major injury, which was domestic, I was visiting an elderly relative in her home. I didnt claim for that one. Some people do talk up their symptoms for compensaiton, but many dont.

    Comment by Liz P | December 11, 2012 | Reply

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