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The Southbound Northern Line Platform At Bank Station

These pictures show the Southbound platform of the Northern Line at Bank station.

Can there be a Metro, U-bahn, Underground or subway platform anywhere with such bad design and worse decor?

  • There are no tiles or cladding on the walls.
  • You can see all the cast iron linings dating from the nineteenth century.
  • How do people get across the tracks to the passages in the wall?
  • But above all there are no adverts.

The state of this tunnel only tells a one-sided story.

Some metres to the West of the existing tunnel a new larger Southbound tunnel has been dug.

This map from Transport for London, shows the route of the new tunnell.


  1. The continuous black line of the existing Northbound line.
  2. The dotted black line of the new Southbound line.

This sentence from this article on IanVisits, which is entitled Bank Tube Station Upgrade Reaches Tunnelling Milestone, explains how the new tunnels were built.

Part of the tunnelling work saw the project team cut through deep-level piled foundations of one building, which required careful excavation and the installation of a new load-support system to support the existing foundations while still allowing a tunnel to pass through them.

According to Ian, 1300 metres of new tunnels have been constructed. All have been dug by fairly traditional methods, uding men, shovels and small diggers and other machines.

The space between the two running tunnels will become a wide concourse. This picture taken at Angel station, shows a wide platform that could be delivered at Bank station.

The old Southbound tunnel will be filled in to form the concourse. Those curious doors will become through passages to the escalators, lifts and the other platform.


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  1. At least at Bank the cladding has been stripped away in preparation for reconstruction of the station platforms. For genuine atmospheric decrepitude you have to go down to the southbound platform at Lambeth North – even the mice are afraid to venture there! Plaster is falling off the walls, there are cracks and water stains, and late at night you hear trains approaching that never arrive… Still, I am rather fond of it, especially late at night when I’m invariably the only passenger heading to E&C (though not at the moment, given current travel restrictions). I’m also fond of the Bakerloo’s elderly trains, which are far more comfortable than modern stock. At least you can sit in a properly sprung seat that faces the direction of travel.

    Comment by Stephen Spark | February 5, 2021 | Reply

    • That wide platform at Angel Station used to be a narrow platform with trains running in opposite directions either side !

      I reckon Geoff Marshall should make one of his videos at Bank Station where he bigins on Southbound platform and then walks across to one of those doors and then walks through to show what it’s like on the other side . Hopefully TFL will install a temporary bridge during engineering works !

      Typo – uding men, shovels

      Comment by Melvyn | February 5, 2021 | Reply

  2. I’ll go and have a look!

    Comment by AnonW | February 5, 2021 | Reply

  3. […] The current Eastern ends of these cross-walks are shown in The Southbound Northern Line Platform At Bank Station. […]

    Pingback by Thoughts On The Closure Of The Northern Line At Bank To Complete The Upgrade To Bank Station « The Anonymous Widower | February 8, 2021 | Reply

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