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Is Making Stratford London’s HS2 Terminus A Good Idea?

A former director of projects at British Rail has suggested that London’s HS2 terminus should be at Stratford. Read about it here on the BBC’s web site.

One of the main reasons he gives is that it would stop the demolition of 200 homes at Euston. But then Euston station is a disgrace, as I said here and rebuilding it will probably mean it requires more space. So there would be some demolition anyway.

Euston has several problems.

1. I don’t think there are actually enough platforms for the amount of traffic coming into the station without HS2, let alone, when that line is built. The 2007 proposals for the rebuilding of the station without HS2 envisaged three new platforms.

2. The concourse is typical 1960s and 1970s rubbish, that isn’t big enough for the number of passengers the station handles at present.

3.  The Underground station is not really fit for purpose and needs a new booking office, platforms on the Metropolitan line and lifts everywhere.

4. If the station was to be rebuilt properly, the space above the station could be used for new developments of housing and offices.

In my view to solve the problems at Euston even without HS2, the station needs a complete rebuild.  200 homes would be demolished, but many more would be built.

So his first argument that the homes would be saved is spurious.

His proposal that HS2 terminate at Stratford is ludicrous, as there are just two spare platforms there. But HS2 would require probably an extra six very long platforms. And those two spare platforms would be ideal for the TransManche Metro, if that were to be built. After all Stratford is a good interchange now and will be better with Crossrail.

And how do you get from HS2 to Stratford?  On the North London line I suppose. Although he did suggest that the trains go up the crowded Lea Valley lines and across to Biggleswade and then to Southam to link up with HS2

It’s an idea, that holds water like a collander. Shame on the BBC to give it publicity!

But those against HS2 will clutch at this weak straw.

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