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Sir James Has Got A New Motor

This article on the BBC, looks at a first glance to be about a water tap, with a built in hand dryer, design by Sir James Dyson’s company.

But the most significant thing about it, is the new electric motor.  Here’s Sir James Dyson’s view.

Although the minimalistic hybrid water-air tap head is the device’s signature feature, Sir James said that the “secret” of the machine was its motor, which had taken seven years to develop.

Dyson said that its latest motor had taken more than 100 engineers over £26.9m to develop.

It uses an electromagnetic field, rather than carbon brushes, to accelerate from standstill to up to 100,000 revolutions per minute within 0.7 seconds. That was about four times the number of revolutions per minute that motors its size typically produced, Sir James said.

The article also says that the motor has a built in computer chip. So is this another of the ubiquitous ARM ones?

Who knows where this type of motor technology will lead?

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