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The Danger Of Religious Fraud

This story is running on BBC’s London News. This is the first part.

TV shows made in London that encourage viewers to believe they are cured of life-threatening illnesses by prayer have been condemned by charities.

Charities criticised an episode of the Miracle Hour show, on Faith World TV, during which a diabetic caller was told he was “set free” from the disease.

“It is particularly dangerous and puts his life at risk,” said African Health Policy Network head Francis Kaikumba.

It strikes me that when people like these make dangerous television programs like this, that the law should get involved.

At least they should be charged with fraud, as that is what it is!

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  1. I have read this piece, with great alarm. People who stop their medication after such a program really are putting their lives at risk. And no mainstream Christian would ever suggest that someone stops medication. Over my lifetime, I know with certainty of 2 miraculous healings in people I knew before and after it happened – neither was cancer, both were recognised by medical profession, both are still well and symptom free including the one from 40 years ago. BUT it did not come about in the way this guy is doing it. Most people are not “cured” by prayer.

    The other huge problem is that when someone who doesnt know the person comes in and prays and says the person with be healed/cured/cancer gone away etc, and then there is no further contact between the person praying and the patient, and the person is not miraculously cured, many people then think God hates them and that they will go to hell. And mainstream churches, and hospital chaplains, are left to sort out the spiritual mess that the poor patient is in.

    Worryingly, the person on the TV usually actually genuinely believes they have healed someone. indeed everyone – they are deluded rather than fraudulent, many arent even in it for money.

    Comment by Liz P | February 21, 2013 | Reply

  2. Yes, this is a serious matter. Health issues can be complicated in their nature and individuals who have been cured subsequent to faith healing may see a connection between the two when there is no causal relation. We so often see what we want to see, especially when we are desperate. It is human nature to clutch at straws.

    You make a salient point that the faith healers themselves may belief they have a “gift” for healing and that the profit motive, in these instances, plays no part at all. These people are sincere, but still misguided and mistaken, and can cause great harm.

    The Miracle Hour show must be stopped before somebody dies from not taking their medication/seeing their doctor in the mistaken belief that prayer has cured them.

    Comment by Janice Mermikli | February 22, 2013 | Reply

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