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Do We Need Another Titanic?

An Australian mining billionaire is going to build a replica of the Titanic.  It’s reported here on the Guardian web site.

I know a lot of this is about his ego and it’s creating a lot of humour, if you look at the comments on the Guardian report.

But he could be on the right track for traffic across the North Atlantic. When I was a child, my great aunt Beattie came over from Canada on the Queen Mary and one of Celia’s aunts, who worked as a governess in the States, regularly used the ocean liners. It was certainly a better way to travel in some ways than flying today. Everybody who used them, seemed to enjoy the experience. Although, everybody seemed to prefer the Queen Elizabeth to the Mary.

With a lot of people having a lot of money, they don’t know how to spend, I suspect that a luxury liner on the North Atlantic route might be a viable proposition. I must admit, that I need a holiday and a window is opening up, so if it was warmer, I might seriously take a liner to New York and fly back.

I suppose the backer of the Titanic II’s biggest problem is the worries of what happened to it’s ill-fated predecessor. But then I can’t think of a passenger ship disaster in recent years caused by either icebergs or design faults in recent years.  He must of course choose his Captain and crew with extreme care.

One point not made about the ship in the various articles, is that just building it will create or sustain a lot of jobs.  So in some ways you have to admire him for taking the risk of building the ship, instead of just sitting on his money.

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