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A Very Bad Meal!

Today, I had lunch with a friend.  Perhaps, though to say I had lunch is a bit much, as although my friend had s0me very tasty-looking crab cakes, I had nothing to go with my glass of wine.

C and I used to eat in All Bar One about four or five times a year and although, what I ate was generally a bit plain, it filled a hole.

My friend and I tried one of their bars today and the recipe has been totally glutenised, with things like salsa everywhere.  All I was offered was a plain burger or a plain gammon with egg.  The chips are now covered in wheat to make them crisper, whereas six or seven years ago they were fine. Or at least, I never had a reaction!

Perhaps the waitress got it all wrong and there was something else I could have had, but I doubt I’ll be going to All Bar One again, except perhaps for a drink.  After all with Pizza Express being very gluten-free-friendly, I won’t need to go to All Bar One again.

So I went home hungry and made myself a delicious sandwich.

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  1. […] I think I can draw a big conclusion from this incident and other experiences lately.  In general, service and the provision of gluten-free food is getting better in restaurant chains, with possibly the exception of All Bar One. […]

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