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My Unique Dining Room Table

Unique is defined as being unlike anything else or one of a kind. I didn’t make it, as it was made by a furniture maker called Julian Ellis, out of Suffolk Oak. But it was to my design brief.

I wanted an elliptical table, as that gives the most space at mealtimes and also because the ellipse is the perfect shape.  After all, circles are only a specific form of an ellipse with only one focus.

Note how the small leaves drop, so it can go against the wall. This was needed as at Debach, we had a long narrow kitchen.

It must be getting to be near to forty years old and all it will need to see me out is probably a proper polish.

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  4. […] The weirdest thing is that the size of the seat on the chairs and my old stools is virtually exactly the same. The new chairs are 36 cm. and the stools are 35.6 cm. It actually looks like the old stools, which were made in the 1970s are probably fourteen inches. They are also the same height, as you can see in the picture, which shows the end of my table. […]

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