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Do I Look Decrepit?

When I’m carrying my shopping back from the Angel on the bus, I sometimes get offered a seat, but usually I choose my bus with plenty of empty space.

Yesterday though, I was getting a 141 towards London Bridge, when I was offered a seat by a lady who was probably ten years older than me!

She was also wearing a burkha, which made be a bit embarrassed.  Especially, as there were plenty of empty seats towards the back of the bus.

As I’ve said before, everybody is getting very polite on London’s buses!

The incident also got me thinking about why London buses seem to a more polite place, than others like Cambridge, where I’ve ridden the buses quite a few times.

I put it down to one of three things.

London’s buses always have at least two doors, which has two major affects.  It separates those getting into the bus from those getting out and it also tends to keep low-life away from the driver. This calms down everybody!

The drivers seem to like a comment and often quip something back, adding to the positive side of the travel experience. I do wonder too, that because of London’s excellent mapping, that drivers do a lot less to sort out lost souls, so they have time to be pleasant.

And then of course London buses are painted bright red! Is it a warning to behave?

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