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An Incident In Pizza Express

Last night, I went to a new-for-me Pizza Express in Curtain Road, close to Shoreditch High Street station.

I always have the same meal in Pizza Express, and that’s a bottle of Aspall Cyder and a gluten-free caprisiosa pizza. The pizza comes on a slate.

Gluten-Free Pizza At Pizza Express

Gluten-Free Pizza At Pizza Express

It was of the usual high standard and was exactly like the one in the picture, which I took in their restaurant in Islington.

But when I started to cut it, with their pizza cutter, the action set up a vibration, which meant the various bottles and glasses on my table started to migrate about.

I didn’t notice what was happening, until I heard the half-drunk bottle of Aspall cyder fall on the floor, where it didn’t break, but proceeded to spin, spilling some of the cyder on the floor.

I retrieved the bottle and I judged very little had been split, despite the fall as it virtually filled my half-pint glass. A half-pint glass is 284 cl.  and the bottle of cyder is 330 cl. But I had had a long drink before the bottle fell.

I think the incident shows the strength of the Aspall bottles, which were brought in to save glass.

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