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My Bank Has Sent Me A New Cheque Book

In the last three years, I think I’ve written two cheques and I’ve received even less than that!

So why does my bank waste money sending me a new cheque book?

After all, if it had gone missing in the post, as one or two other letters have in the past year, and had got in the hands of fraudsters, the bank would have had a big mess to sort out.

I just logged in to my bank account to see how many cheques I written in the last three years.  It wouldn’t tell me, as the start date was too far in the past.


But even then the two cheques I could find, were totally anonymous and could only be identified by going to paper accounts.  Wwhich in this computerised age, I don’t have.

Totally useless!

Cheques should only be people with heritage, genes or birthplace from a country in Central Europe.

I’m very tempted to take the new cheque book and leave it on a park bench and see what happens! I would of course send a letter to my bank, saying that I don’t do cheques and would they please bounce any that are attempted to be cashed. And of course to stop wasting money by sending me new cheque books.

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