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Buses In Preston

I arrived in Preston and found this information board and bus stop map at the station.

Bus Information In Preston

Bus Information In Preston

But it was a start and is so much better than you get in many places.

However, the stop I needed to use to get to the bus station is on the other side of a busy road.  How’s that for joined up thinking?

The Bus Stop At Preston Station

The Bus Stop At Preston Station

So it had a seat and a litter bin, but the light controlled crossing was some distance away. Why wasn’t the stop for the bus to the bus station actually inside the entrance to the station? The whole station entrance road seemed to be full of taxis waiting for not many passengers in the middle of the morning

Getting on the bus was the usual palaver of taking your ticket out putting it flat on the machine and then being issued with a pointless ticket. Why do bus companies outside London not have a touch and go system that recognises free bus passes, like London does? Or even one, that allows you to show your ticket to the driver, as you do in London with  a British Rail ticket with an added London Travelcard?

The bus was one of those single entry/exit types and I was the only passenger, although a lot had got out at the station.

All Alone Am I

All Alone Am I

How does a driver organise someone getting out in a wheelchair, at the same time as someone with twins in a double buggy gets in, on these outdated single door buses? It always puzzles me, that new buses as this one undoubtedly was, are still built this way!

But at least it got me to the bus station!

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