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Do East Midland Trains Not Want Football Fans?

I say football fans, but it could be anybody, who wants to travel to somewhere like Ipswich, Liverpool or Nottingham from London to arrive by a certain time like 14:00, have a meeting or watch an event, which maybe of a variable duration and then return home.

I regularly book a ticket to Ipswich on a Saturday with Greater Anglia.  It is a simple process, where I buy one ticket, which can be either a First or Standard Class Off Peak Return. I usually buy a First, at £32.60 on a Saturday. It’s also the same price on a weekday, if I leave after the rush hour.

Liverpool is a different one purchase process, in that I usually buy a First |Advance ticket for about forty pounds to go North.  Coming home for flexibility and to avoid buying a ticket for a specific train, I buy a Standard Class Off Peak for £25.50.

But East Midland Trains are different.  I have just booked my ticket to Nottingham for the 14th of December.  A First Advance Ticket has cost me £17.80, which is about the same as my ticket to Ipswich.  So as the journey is longer, it’s good value. Coming back the option of a flexible ticket, will cost £37.30, which is fifty percent more than Virgin’s from Liverpool.I can get a ticket for under £20, but that means I have to name a train.  So what happens if I meet a mate and have a coffee? I’ll have to buy a new ticket at £37.30.

East Midland Trains are also distinctly against running late night trains back to London, after a football match, as I found at Derby earlier in the season.

Out of curiosity, I just checked out going to Bristol.  It looks like FOSH (First Out and Standard Home) is about forty five pounds. And it can be booked in one go!

Doncaster in FOSH by East Coast is just under fifty pounds.

Note that all the prices quoted here are using a valid railcard.

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