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In DB Style From Berlin To Heidelberg

I’d always wanted to go to Heidelberg, as it was probably the first German town, of which I knew the name. This was because I spent so much time from the age of about six watching one or other of my father’s Original Heidelberg printing machines. One is shown in this post. My simple job, was to call him, if the machines dropped any paper, which is a letterpress printer’s worst nightmare, as then other shets follow and paper goes everywhere, often damaging the intricately set type.

There is no museum in the town, but I just had to go.

So I bought an extremely expensive ticket at €215 for the journey, expecting a bit of DB TLC in First.

All I got was one cup of coffee which I had to pay €2.50 for.

My €2.50 Cup Of Coffee

My €2.50 Cup Of Coffee

But I suppose the seat was comfortable and I had most of the carriage to myself.

At least on my journey from Berlin to Warsaw, which is about the same distance, I paid only €79 and got a free cup of coffee and some biscuits that weren’t gluten-free.

As Berlin to Heidelberg is virtually the same distance as London to Edinburgh, I looked up the fares on the Scottish route.  Today it would be £208, but tomorrow it would be £120.  On the other hand for the German trip for say next Thursday, it will still be €215.

There is also one big difference in the UK, in that anybody, even Germans, over 60 can purchase for £30 a Senior Railcard, which reduces the prices I’ve shown by a third. And you can buy that at a ticket office, when you take your first journey. I did try to see if I could buy a DB Card, but the lady at the ticket office didn’t want to sell me one and didn’t have good English.

But the biggest difference between East Coast or Virgin and DB, is that on many long distance journeys you get snacks and endless tea and coffee thrown in with the ticket.

I have had customer service problems with Deutsche Barn in the past, most notably at Osnabruck.

No wonder the train was empty for most of the way!

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