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A Black And Dirty New Bus For London

London’s buses are normally very clean. But this one wasn’t!

The red buses always look pristine.  So does the advertising vinyl attract the dirt?

The sooner these buses are returned to the proper red colour, the better.

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My Pension Could Get A Boost in 2029

I have a good pension, although if I have a problem with it, it’s that I can’t find enough ways to spend it.

But the announcement yesterday that Crossrail 2 might open in 2029 can only be good for me.

I live in a quiet plesant tree-lined road about five minutes walk from Dalston Junction station, which could be one of the stops on the line. Even if it is not and Hackney Central and Angel are the two nearest stops, it all must be beneficial for the value of my house.

I would suspect that if Dalston Junction is not on Crossrail 2, then the Eastern Curve at the station might be reopened, so that East London Line trains can terminate somewhere in North East London.

After being ignored by transport planners for years it now seems that the North Eastern areas of London are finally getting the public transport, they desperately need.

Judging by the welcome the Overground has received in this area, I suspect that the good burghers of Hackney will welcome Crossrail 2 with open arms.

Crossrail 2 is having a consultation locally in July. I shall be going.

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