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A Taxi With A Phone Charger

I got a taxi home today, as I had a heavy parcel to carry and was surprised to see it was fitted with a mobile phone charger.

A Taxi With A Phone Charger

A Taxi With A Phone Charger

I didn’t need it, but I like the idea. It’s all described here. Apparently, Voafone, who’ve set it up, has a system, where the taxi fare can be charged to your mobile phone bill.

It’s ideas like this that will be the best defence against Uber, when coupled with the black cab driver’s knowledge.

The latter was illustrated recently in Edinburgh, where although it was a black cab, the driver didn’t have the knowledge that I expect from a driver.

I remember once, C and I were going to a house, in a tucked away square in South London. The driver dropped us in the next street and said there was a litle passage into the square. There was and it was just by our destination by chance.

You don’t get that sort of knowledge from a computer system!

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Station Names On Bridges

Network Rail seems to be getting the blue paint out and slapping it on bridges.

As the pictures show, they’re also indicating the station name. Obviously Caldeonian Road and Barnsbury will need a much longer bridge, but The Cally will do.

I’ll add more as I see them.

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