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Is Rugby Sevens The Ideal Team Sport For A Games?

I’ve spent some of this afternoon watching the rugby sevens at the Commonwealth Games.

I’ll watch rugby on television, if there’s nothing else on, but rugby is getting more and more like American football, which to me is a game of large men playing to an obscure set of rules, occasionally broken up by some outstanding skill.

But to me, rugby sevens is a completely different game, where agility,speed, skill and tactics are more important than brute strength.

I wouldn’t be interested in going to see a full size rugby match, but if someone said come along to a sevens tournament, I’d probably go.

Rugby sevens is also unique amongst multi-team tournaments in that the game is designed to fit into two days and like it is at the Commonwealth Games on a Saturday and Sunday. So unlike all other team games at Games, like football and hockey, it is very easy to fit into the schedule.

Also, like in Glasgow, all you need to stage it is a decent football or rugby stadium. It is even better though, if you have a top quality stadium like Ibrox, you could use.

And then there’s the advantage that teams are small, so organisers don’t have to provide masses of accommodation for rugby players and officials.

So to me, it’s not surprising that rugby sevens is going to be a sport at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil! Especially, as it is already played in the Asian and Pan American Games.

Did two butchers from Melrose in the Scottish Borders realise what they had started?

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