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Things You learn In The Middle of The Night

I woke early, so got up and made a cup of tea and did a bit of writing, whilst listening to the excellent Doton Adebayo on Radio 5.

At one point he was talking to a Canadian journalist, who said that due to cutbacks, the Commonwealth Games are not being shown on Canadian television.  All they are getting is the odd highlights.

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Is Rugby Sevens The Ideal Team Sport For A Games?

I’ve spent some of this afternoon watching the rugby sevens at the Commonwealth Games.

I’ll watch rugby on television, if there’s nothing else on, but rugby is getting more and more like American football, which to me is a game of large men playing to an obscure set of rules, occasionally broken up by some outstanding skill.

But to me, rugby sevens is a completely different game, where agility,speed, skill and tactics are more important than brute strength.

I wouldn’t be interested in going to see a full size rugby match, but if someone said come along to a sevens tournament, I’d probably go.

Rugby sevens is also unique amongst multi-team tournaments in that the game is designed to fit into two days and like it is at the Commonwealth Games on a Saturday and Sunday. So unlike all other team games at Games, like football and hockey, it is very easy to fit into the schedule.

Also, like in Glasgow, all you need to stage it is a decent football or rugby stadium. It is even better though, if you have a top quality stadium like Ibrox, you could use.

And then there’s the advantage that teams are small, so organisers don’t have to provide masses of accommodation for rugby players and officials.

So to me, it’s not surprising that rugby sevens is going to be a sport at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil! Especially, as it is already played in the Asian and Pan American Games.

Did two butchers from Melrose in the Scottish Borders realise what they had started?

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The Glasgow KISS Games

The Scots are known for their thrift and they certainly seemed to have used the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) to produce an affordable opening ceremony last night.

The only extravagance would have been the amazing video screen, but that was probably hired through Sports Technology in Sussex, so we’ll see that and others like it, at events in the future.

The costumes and props for the show weren’t on the level of extravagance we’ve seen lately at some Games.

And it would appear that the only problem with the dogs was finding enough of them!

But the KISS principle has also been applied to the venues.

In a way holding the opening ceremony in Celtic Park by the athlete’s village was following what was done in London, where the athlete’s village was with all the main venues. This meant that athletes could enjoy the ceremony and then go to bed at a reasonable hour for competing today. We shouldn’t have games, where the athletes are some way from the venues. Both Glasgow and London have sufficient transport to cope for athletes and spectators.

But surely the masterstroke is building a combined sports hall and velodrome, with the facilities between the two arenas. You must get a hell of a lot more useable space for your money.

This one will be copied ad nauseum, all over the world.

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The Scotties Steal The Show

It is generally reported in the media, that the Scotties stole the Opening Ceremony of Glasgow 2014. Look at what the Aussies said for example.

But it would appear, that finding enough dogs might have been a problem, as according to this article, they had to bring in Archie from Ringwood in England.

Perhaps they should have shared the duties around and perhaps got in a corgi for the Welsh team to add a touch of humour near the end.

Queen Elizabeth would have been amused!

It will be interesting to see if sales of Black and White whisky increase.

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A Scot Gives His Reason To Say No!

On BBC Television this morning, a proud Scot said that he enjoyed the ceremony last night. For him, one of the uplifting moments was the Red Arrows.

He stated that if the Scots vote Yes, then there could be no more displays north of the border. See where their displays for 2014 are here. Two and last night’s performance are in Scotland.

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I Wonder What The Duke Thought Of It!

Glasgow has got past the first hurdle, by opening the Commonwealth Games without any obvious hitches.

It will be interesting to see how the Duke of Edinburgh rates the ceremony amongst the dross, he has watched in his lifetime.

I would rate it fairly high up the scale, but Glasgow had two big advantages over say the Olympics in Beijing or Athens.

All the proceedings were done in a language that we and most of the spectators understand perfectly.

But perhaps more importantly, Glasgow had one of the first uses of a 96m. wide video screen, which meant instead of training masses of drummers, dancers and musicians, you just set some good programmers and video editors to work to weave some magic. You then prayed that you didn’t get a blue screen of death like Beijing did in 2008.

Perhaps it was just to save money on costumes and performers, but Glasgow kept it simple and colourful. Which worked!

But will Rio do the same for the 2016 Olympics? I hope so.

They’ll certainly use the screen or perhaps two! Without doubt it was impressive technology.


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The Scottish Team’s Uniform For The Commonwealth Games

It looks like they’ll be OK if the weather’s cold and wet.

Where’s Carole, the Scottish weathergirl on BBC Breakfast, when you need her forthright views?

This report is from the Scotsman. Here’s a paragraph.

Comments on Twitter compare the outfits to “a pair of curtains” or “something a 70s dance troupe would wear”. Some people did voice their support for the designs but the majority of the reaction poked fun at them.

I will not add further comment, except that I hope their warm-looking design doesn’t mean that the designer knows the Games will be held in bad weather.

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