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Would We Benefit From More Female Builders?

Over the years I’ve employed about half a dozen or so builders and rarely has progress been at the speed they said they would manage.

Usually, this seems to be because, the exclusively male person in charge, tends to muck up on the project management and some minor mistake causes a major delay in the work.

As the documentary on Crossrail showed some high level project managers in large construction projects are now female.

Could it be that the supposedly superior multi-tasking ability of the female of the species makes them good project managers, when they get the chance, as project management is often effectively juggling several balls with one hand?

Hence the title of this post!

But having been around project management for forty years, my gut instinct says that if more small builders were female-led, we would see an improvement in the performance of the building industry.

The odd fact about builders in my experience, is that whereas builders generally muck something up, decoratprs are usually much better with performance.

Is it because you’re dealing with a craftsman, who likes everything to be as good as possible?


August 7, 2014 - Posted by | World |

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  1. I couldn’t agree with this post more, being a construction professional for almost 20 plus years I’ve found that women are better communicators on site leading to results. 😄

    Comment by zebrakat | August 10, 2014 | Reply

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