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Ipswich To Felixstowe Has Improved

Over the last few months, I’ve travelled half a dozen times between Ipswich and Felixstowe by train.

I can’t remember a train being late at all, since the Bacon Factory Curve has been opened.

And here’s why!

A Freight Train Waiting On The Bacon Factory Curve

A Freight Train Waiting On The Bacon Factory Curve

Note the freight train waiting for our one-coach Class 153 to pass. Before the curve opened the freight train would have had to go into Ipswich yard and the locomotive would have had to run-round to the other end, causing all sorts of disruption to the Great Eastern Main Line and especially the Felixstowe Branch.

Also now I noticed that trains coming out of Felixstowe and going South towards London, now sometimes seem to get their diesel locomotive changed for a Class 90 electric one.

The next improvement will come when more of the Felixstowe branch line is double-tracked and the whole branch is electrified.

It’s all a far cry from when I lived in Felixstowe in the 1960s, where the most reliable way to get between the two towns was to cycle along the A45 or A14 as it is now! There were only a handful of trains every day.

How many other places on the UK network need smaller improvements like the Bacon Factory Curve to be implemented?

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