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What Do You Do With The Likes Of Roberts And Evans?

I remember the day, when Harry Roberts shot dead the policemen in Shepherds Bush, as it was a Friday and I was working behind the bar in the Merryhills pub in Oakwood. It left a rather sombre mood to the evening, as everybody read the story in the paper.

That is nearly fifty years ago and we now have the problem of what to do with Roberts.

We also have all the arguments about Ched Evans, and whether he should play football again, after release from a sentence served for rape.

If it was up to various vociferous minorities, then the likes of Roberts and Evans, along with masses of other criminals serious or even petty, would be incarcerated for ever.

Some prisoners need to be locked up permanently, and without all the facts, I would never say who these people are.

But really, if we lock even more people up, I feel I have a right to protest about the waste of my taxes.

In some ways, what I dislike most about prison, is that it appears to totally fail in preparing prisoners to return as decent members of society. If a school had the educational performance of the average prison, it would be rightly closed down.

If you read Lord Ramsbotham‘s book, Prisongate, you also realise that quite a few prisoners are suffering from diseases such as dementia, which have rendered them unlikely to be a danger to society. Surely humanity says that these people are better in the care of their families if possible.

But then to some people vengeance is all important, and capital punishment should be applied regularly as it is in Iran, China and the United States.

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  1. Capital punishment should never be applied, and I am inclined to think that after a certain (pretty old) age, prisoners should be discharged into semi-secure old peoples homes. Perhaps at 85 or 87.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | November 14, 2014 | Reply

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