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Justice – Texas Style

I can’t work out whether this story on NBC, which is entitled Texas Taqueria Customer Fatally Shoots Masked Robber And Returns Money To Patrons, Police Say, makes me feel carrying guns is a good or bad idea?

But at least he seems to know how to use his weapon, as he only hit one person; the robber.

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Nothing Changes

The Americans never change, when it comes to the crimes and misdemeanours of their diplomats, forces personnel and their families in the United Kingdom.

Over the last few days, the case of the death of Harry Dunn, by a stupid driver reportedly on the wrong side of the road, has come to attention on the news.

Perhaps, twenty-five years ago, C and myself were at a dinner party given by a Chinese friend and we got talking to a retired Chief Constable from East Anglia, who C knew through various legal connections.

At the time, there had just been a fatal road crash involving a United States serviceman, near one of the many bases and there was a row going on, as the suspect had been whisked back home.

I remember the retired Policeman saying that it was always happening and justice was rarely seen to be done.



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Islamic State ‘Beatles’ Duo ‘should be tried at The Hague’

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

This is the first two paragraphs.

Two captured British fighters should be tried in an international criminal court, rather than sent to Guantanamo Bay, a defence minister has said.

Tobias Ellwood told two newspapers it was important that “terrorists from any origin are transparently and fairly held account for their actions”.

I feel that Tobias Ellwood has got this absolutely right.

I suspect that Donald Trump, will not go along with the plan!

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Simon Fanshawe Questions Our Attitude To the Death Of King Abdulla

Simon Fanshawe is a respected commentator and today, he reviewed the papers on BBC Breakfast. He picked up this article in the Daily Mail entitled Flags at half mast and fawning praise for a King ‘loved by his people’ sparks furious backlash over rule which saw ‘death by stoning’ for adultery and regular beheadings.

It is not often I agree with the Daily Mail, but I agree with the areticle’s tone and would go further. David Cameron and Prince Charles should not be going to Saudi Arabia. How about sending two of Princess Anne/Prince Andrew and Nick Clegg/Theresa May?

I have never been to Saudi Arabia and never will until they bring their justice into the civilised world and treat women, homosexuals and other religions with respect. The same principle applies to other countries like the United States, Israel, Zimbabwe, North Korea and quite a few other countries. There are just so many interesting places with better systems, that I’m not cutting off my nose to spite my face.

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What Do You Do With The Likes Of Roberts And Evans?

I remember the day, when Harry Roberts shot dead the policemen in Shepherds Bush, as it was a Friday and I was working behind the bar in the Merryhills pub in Oakwood. It left a rather sombre mood to the evening, as everybody read the story in the paper.

That is nearly fifty years ago and we now have the problem of what to do with Roberts.

We also have all the arguments about Ched Evans, and whether he should play football again, after release from a sentence served for rape.

If it was up to various vociferous minorities, then the likes of Roberts and Evans, along with masses of other criminals serious or even petty, would be incarcerated for ever.

Some prisoners need to be locked up permanently, and without all the facts, I would never say who these people are.

But really, if we lock even more people up, I feel I have a right to protest about the waste of my taxes.

In some ways, what I dislike most about prison, is that it appears to totally fail in preparing prisoners to return as decent members of society. If a school had the educational performance of the average prison, it would be rightly closed down.

If you read Lord Ramsbotham‘s book, Prisongate, you also realise that quite a few prisoners are suffering from diseases such as dementia, which have rendered them unlikely to be a danger to society. Surely humanity says that these people are better in the care of their families if possible.

But then to some people vengeance is all important, and capital punishment should be applied regularly as it is in Iran, China and the United States.

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Dull-As-Ditchwater Television

The BBC has just started broadcasting proceedings in the Court of Appeal.

Judging by the excepts I’ve seen, I shall not be watching. It must surely rank for exciting content with BBC Parliament.

Why is the BBC wasting our licence fees on this dross?

The test card and Cambidge University’s first webcam, were much more interesting.

I did here a rumour that the Security Services wanted this coverage, as it is ideal to show to reluctant suspects.  After a few hours of programmes such as this, they usually decide to tell everything.

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Rape Justice – Dubai Style

This story is horrific.

Why anybody would want to go to such an awful place, I do not know. I went once with C and we we found it a hot concrete jungle with no soul.

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A Case That Stinks From Florida

This case reported in the Miami Herald is rather bizarre.  And as one of the lawyers involved says, it stinks. Here’s the first three paragraphs.

Ten years ago, killer Robert Burkell bludgeoned to death his 81-year-old tenant Charles Bertheas, cracking open his skull like an eggshell, according to police. The motive: money.

Today, Burkell is in prison for life. But his wife Susan, a Lauderhill resident who authorities say did not participate in the slaying but knew what was happening, is set to inherit more than $214,000 of the victim’s money.

Bertheas’ eight elderly brothers and sisters, who live in France, won’t see a dime: Charles Bertheas designated the Burkells as co-beneficiaries on his accounts at the Bank of America.

Let’s hope that it sees a sensible change in the law and that a similar set of circumstances doesn’t happen here.

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Justice Gets Attacked In Marion, Indiana

This is a rather funny story, about  a drone that went AWOL.

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A Judge Holds Himself In Contempt

I like this story from the Wall Street Journal.

it’s about a judge, who held himself in contempt of court, when his mobile phone rang.

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