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Is Nigel Farage Like Joan Rivers?

Having seen and read a lot about Nigel Farage, I sometimes think that what he says is not unlike things said by Joan Rivers.

But there’s a big difference! Joan Rivers based a lot of what she said on things that most of us think, but she was not expecting to be taken seriously, except as a comedian. Nigel Farage on the other hand, although he bases his statements in a similar way to Joan Rivers, very much expects to be taken seriously.

I didn’t watch Farage’s performance on Question Time and his confrontation with Russell Brand, but the reports I’ve read, reinforce my conviction, that Farage’s policies are not for me.

I hope that in a few years time, we’ll all be able to look back on Nigel Farage and his politics as a hiccup in history.

If he makes us think the unthinkable in sorting out our serious problems, like obesity, poverty, pollution, smoking, health, illegal drugs climate change, child protection etc., the hiccup will have been a good thing.

A lot of the old ideas have failed, so we’ve got to consign them to history and move forward.


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