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My New All-Purpose Shopping Bag

I bought this stringbag for £2.95 and when I go out, it fits neatly in my shoulder bag or pocket.

My New All-Purpose Shopping Bag

My New All-Purpose Shopping Bag

Isn’t a stringbag the most useful of bags? After all it did lend its name to that most mighty of the Royal Navy’s attack aircraft; the Fairey Swordfish, which was called the stringbag on account of its ability to carry virtually anything to its target. Wikipedia has a full explanation.

The Swordfish is almost unique amongst military aircraft for two reasons.

Several aircraft types were built to replace it in service and it out-served them all.

In some attacks, it pressed the attack home successfully, because it flew slower than the low limit of the gun-aiming computer of the ship being attacked. The Germans hadn’t believed that an attacking aircraft would be as slow as a Swordfish.

But this unusual biplane did carry out one of the most unlikely battle successes of the Royal Navy, by attacking the Italian fleet at anchor in the Battle of Taranto. The lesson was not lost on the Japanese, who inspected the port after the attack. But the Americans, who must have known what happened at Taranto, did nothing to change their thinking.

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