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Cheshire East And Southend Strike Cheaper Energy Deals With OVO

This report on the BBC tells how Cheshire East Council has done a deal with OVO to get cheaper energy for residents and businesses.

The report also says that Southend are doing something similar.

I think we’ll be seeing lots of deals like this in the future. Some might even be provided by the Big Six energy companies as they try to keep market share.

I do think though, that linking energy to a community could give a lot of advantages.

1. It creates a direct incentive for councils to bring in energy saving and local generation schemes, like the one created by Islington at Bunhill Row.

2. The philosophy might also push developers to create new offices, business premises and housing, that is less energy intensive, due to the higher profile of energy costs in the area.

3. Those not on-line or without a bank account, would gain access to cheaper energy through the council’s payments system. I can just about remember people paying for their energy in small gas and electricity offices.

4. We might even see the time, when you pay a single on-line payment to your local council for Council Tax, Resident’s Parking, gas, electricity, broadband and water.

If the system doesn’t deliver cheaper prices and better service, you can always vote the politicians out of office.

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