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Conn By Name, Con Artist By Nature

I have just seen the Chief Executive of Centrica; Ian Conn, giving the most unfeasible explanation, why despite the fact that electricity prices are going down, British Gas will be putting them up by 12.5% from September 11th.

This article on the BBC gives more details.

Now is the time to give British Gas a good kicking by moving to an alternative smaller supplier.

I moved to OVO over two years ago and have had no trouble except.

  • Changing from my old Bog Six supplier was a pain, due to the original company’s incompetence. Was that real or deliberate?
  • OVO have still not fitted me with a smart meter. But I’m not sure I need one!

OVO have also handled my solar panels without trouble.

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Stephen Fitzpatrick Of OVO On Energy Policy

Stephen Fitzpatrick, the founder of OVO Energy was on BBC Breakfast this morning.

Some of what he said was very enlightening.

Nationalisation Of Distribution Networks

He indicated that this was almost irrelevant, as the technology of energy distribution is changing.

I agree.

Near to where I live, is the Bunhill Energy Centre, which has been built by Islington Council to provide heat and electricity to a local area.

Systems like this are common in some European countries and increasingly, we will see small scale units like this in cities.

In the countryside, solar and wind power linked to energy storage will become more common.

Large industrial users of energy will increasingly generate their own power.

So the distribution networks will become less and less important.

Energy Efficiency

This will become increasingly important, as innovators make devices and appliances that use energy more efficient.

It is interesting, that no Political Party has so far said, that they will promote devices and items that use less energy, by perhaps sponsoring ideas.

OVO’s Customers Spend Forty Percent Less On Gas Than When The Company Started

This was surprising, but it probably indicates that our houses and businesses are getting more energy efficient.

Energy Price Caps

He was in favour, because he believes it opens up the market for energy.

I think it also favours innovative, ethical and highly-regarded energy companies.

Say an energy company predicts that because of the price cap, it will become less profitable.

It can do one of the following.

  1. Increase the number of customers.
  2. Sell customers new and innovative goods and services.
  3. Go out of business.

OVO are taking over a respected boiler servicing company.

I think one of the good things about an energy price cap will be, that bad suppliers, big or small, will be forced out of business.


It was an impressive performance and the BBC should sign him up for Question Time.


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Ovo Energy Snaps At Heels Of Big Six With Corgi HomePlan Takeover

Ovo Energy seem to be making a play for the big time according to an article in City AM, with the same title as this post.

If it comes about, I think I’ll sign up for my boiler, as I’m with Ovo.

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Stephen Fitzpatrick On May’s Energy Cap

Stephen Fitzpatrick is the chief executive of OVO Energy, so you could expect a well-thought out response to Theresa May’s proposed cap on energy prices.

This article on Sky is entitled May vows to cap energy bill increases if Tories win election.

This is reported as comments by Stephen Fitzpatrick in the article.

He described the policy as a “bold and ambitious move” – and argued that a cap on standard variable tariffs would not harm consumers or competition.

“It will be painful for some companies, especially those currently taking advantage of customer disengagement, but it will offer consumers a safety net, protecting them from some of the worst practices of the industry whilst still allowing innovative suppliers to compete,

I just wonder, if the energy cap is more targeted than we think.


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Choose Your Energy Company With Care

This tale from the Observer is entitled Co-operative Energy didn’t bill us, but claims we owe it nearly £1,500.

It probably shows how various get-rich-quick and incompetent groups are entering the energy market.

I wouldn’t have chosen the Co-op, as on their record over the past few years, they seem incapable of organising a piss-up in a brewery.

This is said in reply to the request for help.

Frankly, Co-operative Energy hasn’t had the systems in place to issue ­coherent bills for nearly a year after botching the launch of a new computer system last summer.

 By November it had become the most complained about energy ­company in the country after many of its 500,000 customers received inaccurate bills or no bills at all, and were prevented from fleeing to more switched-on providers.

Surely, there is a case for withdrawing the licence of Co-operative Energy.

I wouldn’t touch them with Nigel Farage’s barge-pole, let alone mine!

Especially, as I’m very happy with Ovo Energy and have no possible reason to change.

They now even pay me for the energy I generate with my solar panels.

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Challenger Brands

This article from PR Week is untitled Challenge, stand up and stand out in 2016.

It’s aread that makes you think!

I picked the article up because it mentioned OVO Energy, s company I use and like!

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My Kind Of Energy Company

I found this article on entitled Ovo Shuns Coal And Nuclear.

I am very much against using coal as a fuel for various reasons, but as I get older and hopefully wiser, I feel that nuclear energy is non-viable economically.

The cost of the new station at Hinkley Point doesn’t look good value for money, when compared to some of the new developments in the pipeline.

Tidal, such as the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, personal solar and linking the UK to Iceland with an undersea cable, might well prove to be better long term investments.

So I applaud OVO for their stance and will continue to use them as my energy supplier.

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Does Your Energy Company Say Sorry When Its Web Site Gets Its Knickers In A Twist?

Mine does!

Ovo Says Sorry

Ovo Says Sorry

I got this, when I clicked a link to view my statement!

I suppose it’s better than leaving me lost in cyberspace!

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Read This Article If You’re With The Big Six Energy Companies

It surprises me how many people are still with the Big Six energy companies.

Anyone stupid enough to still be, should read this article by Stewart Dalby on the Proactive Investors web site.

His experience of changing from British Gas to Good Energy was much the same as mine when I changed from mPower to OVO. The big company used every trick in and out of the book to stop him changing.

The Big Six energy companies are a total disgrace and Stewart’s headline on his article sums up what you do.

Self-help is the only way to beat the Big Six

But remember the paraphrase of the Cat Steven’s song – The First Cut is the Deepest  – The First Change is the Toughest

You may need to be extremely patient to get the change you want.

One thing I would always do, is go direct to the company to which you want to change and not use any intermeiate or comparison site. So if you have trouble changing, at least you can test out your new supplier’s customer services and if they’re any good they probably know how to shove a red-hot poker up the big company’s arse.

But once you’ve done it, you will have all the numbers available to do it again. (OVO sent me a single A4 page!) And I very much doubt that a small supplier would be as difficult to change from, as any of the Big Six.

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The Future Of Pay As You Go (PAYG) Energy

Before I bought this house, it had been tenanted and because of the letters I’ve received since, I reckon that quite a few tenants skipped owing money to energy suppliers. Because of this, the house had a PAYG gas meter that used a key. I never used it for more than aa day or so, as the energy company I chose, replaced it with a normal one.

Using PAYG must be a nightmare for a family with problems, either monetary or organisational. So when I saw OVO Energy had brought in a PAYG system that worked on-line, I started following reports of the system.

Today I’ve picked up this comprehensive article from the Yorkshire Post. This is the first couple of paragraphs.

Thousands of Yorkshire customers who have been paying over the odds for their gas and electricity may be in for some relief – so long as they have a computer, email address and bank account.

British company Ovo Energy has just launched the UK’s first full-service, smart, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) energy platform, Smart PAYG+, which offers the cheapest pre-payment tariff in the country.

Eventually, this is how people with a computer, e-mail address and bank account will pay for  PAYG energy.

OVO’s Smart PAYG+ system seems to be a very good design and will have applications outside of where the current key meters are used. OVO says this.

If you’re a prepayment energy customer, or even if you’re not, why not switch to OVO Smart PAYG energy? It takes away the hassle of paying for your gas and electricity. OVO gives you a choice of two ways to Pay As You Go. 

I think that this technology will be used in some surprising places. I doubt I’ll be changing, but my energy use is rather erratic and sometimes I’m deep in credit with my energy supplier, who is OVO. PAYG would allow me to have a minimum credit at all times.

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