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History Goes Round In Circles

I have just read this article on the BBC web site entitled Balloons take tech war to North Korea.

This is the first paragraph.

Some anti-North Korean activists firmly believe the best way to defeat Kim Jong-un’s regime is to break the cycle of propaganda served up every day to those living north of the border.

It got me thinking about the origins of printing with moveable type.

In some ways it was the Internet of its day, as suddenly information and books became available to anybody who could read.

My father always said that printing started to break the power of the church, as now you didn’t need a priest or monk to read the bible or learned books.

So are the balloons taking their CDs and information to North Korea, just another manifestation of everybody’s insatiable search for the truth? Let’s hope they are as successful in breaking the power of the evil regime in North Korea, as printing was in breaking the power of the Church.

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