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South Korea Is On The Hunt For An Overseas Hydrogen Production Location

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Hydrogen Fuel News.

It is an interesting article, which talks about how both South Korea and Japan are looking to source hydrogen from another country and how Australia is in prime position.

This Wikipedia entry, which is entitled Energy In South Korea, has this breakdown of electricity production in South Korea.

  • Thermal – 65.3%
  • Nuclear – 31.1%
  • Hydro – 1.6%
  • Other – 2%

Note that at the time of writing the UK is producing 39.0% of electricity from renewables and 15.9% from low-carbon sources.


  • As South Korea imports a lot of liquified natural gas and has no oil or gas resources of its own, importing hydrogen is just replacing a carbon-dioxide producing fuel with a zero-carbon one, that is produced from renewables.
  • Other than Australia, other possible sources of hydrogen mentioned include Saudi Arabia and the United States, but is their hydrogen produced from renewables or steam-reforming of methane?
  • I suspect another could be South Africa, as they can develop a lot of wind power around the Cape.

I think we’ll see more countries going down the same route as Japan and South Korea and importing large quantities of hydrogen.

  • Countries with lots of renewables like geothermal, hydro, solar and wind will benefit.
  • Countries with plenty of gas can use steam-reforming to create hydrogen.

But surely, the biggest beneficiaries will be world-class companies, like ITM Power in Rotherham, who build electrolysers.


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History Goes Round In Circles

I have just read this article on the BBC web site entitled Balloons take tech war to North Korea.

This is the first paragraph.

Some anti-North Korean activists firmly believe the best way to defeat Kim Jong-un’s regime is to break the cycle of propaganda served up every day to those living north of the border.

It got me thinking about the origins of printing with moveable type.

In some ways it was the Internet of its day, as suddenly information and books became available to anybody who could read.

My father always said that printing started to break the power of the church, as now you didn’t need a priest or monk to read the bible or learned books.

So are the balloons taking their CDs and information to North Korea, just another manifestation of everybody’s insatiable search for the truth? Let’s hope they are as successful in breaking the power of the evil regime in North Korea, as printing was in breaking the power of the Church.

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My Christmas Presents To My Son And His Partner

They usually like me to give them gift vouchers, for somewhere like Liberty or Selfridges, so they can choose something for themselves or their home, which has just be renovated.

To complicate matters my son’s partner is Korean, so I couldn’t be over-the-top in a way only the English would understand.

The frames were simple ones from John Lewis and the translation was courtesy of Google’s English to Korean translator.

It was totally correct. Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing?

Who would have thought that this idiot, who had trouble getting O levels in French and English, would be able to get a translation into Korean right?

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What Not To Wear In The Korean Demilitarised Zone

Ian Mcmillan, the Barnsley Poet, is usually entertaining. Today, on BBC Breakfast, he talked about his visit to the Korean Demilitarised Zone.

For his visit, he was told, he mustn’t wear tight trousers or a low top! The second may make it easier for a sniper to get a heart shot!

But why the first?

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The Incredible Lee-Duck Hee

On the tennis this afternoon, they were talking about a Korean junior tennis player, who played in the Boys Singles at Wimbledon. There is a report here.

Lee-Duck Hee is completely deaf.

I’m reminded of a story told me by a friend, who went to boarding school. His school had a good football team, but the one they never beat, was a school for the deaf.

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Another Urban Fox Attack

There is a report of another fox attack on a baby. Happily, it doesn’t seem to be too serious and not outside the capabilities of the  NHS.

One of my friends is Korean and I asked him, if they get these sort of problems in Seoul.  he said that they don’t and he felt, there was many wild animals in the city except for rats and mice. This is confirmed by this post from a blog.

But how many other cities in other countries have urban animals, that aren’t always cuddly?

This is a story about wildlife in Berlin.

So it’s not just a British problem!

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Eton’s Gangnam Style

Students at Eton College have created a viral hit based on Psy’s Gangnam Style. The Guardian says it’s a bit cringe-worthy in this piece, but surely it shows that the power of the Internet is there for us all to harness.

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I Called It Right

I know a few Koreans and so I went with them to see them play at Wembley tonight against Gabon. We were a bit higher up in Club West.

Korea v Gabon at Wembley

The view was a bit better, than for the game last night.

It wasn’t an exciting game and the goalless draw was about fair. But it meant that Korea came second in their group.

When Great Britain won, it meant that the tickets, I’d bought on spec to see the quarter-final in Cardiff won’t have to be sold on.

I just felt the two teams might meet there. And I was right!

So it’ll be off on a High Speed Diesel Train on Saturday. What better way is there to travel to see your team?

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Scots Get Their Flags Wrong

At Hampden Park today, they showed the wrong Korean flag, as reported here.

The North Koreans got annoyed, but would they be missed if they pissed off home!

I for one would have cried all the way to the toilet.

So perhaps, Glasgow has done everybody a favour.

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Kim Jong-un Declares War on Disney

Well not really, but Disney do take copyright infringement very seriously and it seems that Kim Jong-un’s actions may result in Disney getting serious annoyed. Here’s an extract from this report on the BBC.

When North Korea’s state news agency published photos of the country’s leader Kim Jong-un at a concert recently, the first face to catch the attention was on stage.

Amid the dancers and North Korean pop starlets, were a selection of Disney characters – among them Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

And no, the news agencies here in Seoul reported, the North Korean regime had NOT cleared copyright with the Disney Corporation.

The report is also about a mystery woman with the odious dictator. Why does she hang around with such a clot? Shades of Mrs. Merton’s famous question to Debbie McGee.

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