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Bluewater Shopping Centre By Train

Out of curiosity, and because I needed to go shopping, I went to Bluewater Shopping Centre by train.

It probably wasn’t the best day to go, as there had been a freight train derailment at Charlton and I did have a terrible journey home, with a dreadful change at Waterloo East. Without the train derailment, I would have gone using the DRL to Woolwich Arsenal and then getting a train direct to Greenhithe, but I had to go via the dreaded Charing Cross, which was built in the wrong place for East London. After London Bridge station is complete, that will also be another easy route. One thing that would make trips to Bluewater easier for me, is if it was Freedom Pass territory., which only extends to Dartford two stations away.

Greenhithe is a interesting station, in that it was built in 2008 using a modular system, that has been used elsewhere.

I have included a picture of the excellent bus terminal at Bluewater, which is by the enormous Marks and Spencer.

The shuttle bus is the usual rigmarole of a paper ticket, rather than a siple touch of my bus pass. When will those outside London realise that you do ticketing with a contactless card these days and not the same technology my great-great-grandparents would have recognised from the nineteenth century. The journey is only short as this Google Map shows.

Greenhithe Station And Bluewater

Greenhithe Station And Bluewater

Note that Greenhithe is the more Easterly of the two stations at the top of the map, which are both on the North Kent Line.

I do think that in the future, Greenhithe Station to Bluewater could be one of those places, where a spectacular high-tech people mover could be an attraction in its own right. I estimate the as the crow flies distance at under fifteen hundred metres.

By comparison the Emirates Air Line cable car in London is a kilometre, so this would be a virtually off-the-shelf solution. This Google Map show there is plenty of space around the station.

Greenhithe Station

Greenhithe Station

It probably won’t happen, but I wouldn’t bet against it, especially if Bluewater goes in for a large expansion.

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