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Getting To The Falkirk Wheel And The Kelpies

I took a train to Falkirk Grahamstown station and then got a pink bus called The Loop.

I know it is relatively early days, but information for the bus needs to be improved. You can find the stops easily, but knowing how long to wait is difficult, unless you are psychic. A big poster is needed in every stop, with the times that the buses arrive clearly marked.

The stops should also be clearly marked on the maps on the liths!

This type of tourist bus is crying out for a contactless ticketing system using bank/credit cards. Every time, the bus is used you touch in and at the end of the day your card would be charged appropriately.

In the next few years, this will become the gold standard for small payments and buses like this, that don’t embrace the technology will get lots of complaints.

If the Falkirk Wheel attracts a massive number of visitors, I feel that the area could support a rail station. Look at this Google Map of the lower basin at the wheel.

The Railway Passing The Falkirk Wheel

The Railway Passing The Falkirk Wheel

The railway is the line between Stirling and Glasgow and the bridge across the railway leads to the car park for the Falkirk Wheel.

To actually build a simple station should be fairly easy and visitor numbers and the level of success of the attraction will determine, if the station is ever built.

I think it will be built, as it has so many factors going for it.

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