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The Cost Of Aventra Trains

In various posts, I’ve given a figure for the cost of new Aventra trains as ordered by the London Overground.

London Overground hacve ordered forty five, four-car sets or 180 carriages.

This press release from Bombardier about the order says that the cost of the contract to design, manufacture, commission and service the trains for thirty-five years will be approximately £358million or just under £8million a train.

The press release also says trains will be delivered between December 2017 and October 2018. This means a production rate of sixteen carriages or four trains a month.

A lot of this cost of these trains will be the servicing and maintenance, so we don’t get near the capital cost of the train.

But the figure which works out at £2million a carriage is in line with the cost of Crossrail trains at £2.22million a carriage.

Compare this cost with the purchase of the Class 378 trains by Transport for London in 2008 to run on the London Overground.  Read the section on History, which says that 152 individual cars cost £223million or £1.4million each. Which is probably in line with the cost of the Aventra given the seven years that have elapsed.

The \wikipedia aricle also gives details on the sort of leasing arrangement that London has set up.

These costs will be for standard Aventra trains and so any estimate about the extra cost of the energy storage, that I make will be a stab in the dark. Especially, as I doubt all carriages would need batteries.

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