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Thoughts On Credit Cards

I have recently been trying to buy something on IKEA using my John Lewis Partnership Card, which is managed by HSBC.

Twice it has gone through IKEA’s site, but then HSBC have deemed the transaction to be fraudulent and have cancelled it. In one case I waited in all day for a non-existent delivery.

My other preferred on-line card is American Express, which seems to have developed a clever way of card checking. They ask if they can look up your location using your connection, as obviously, if that corresponds to the card and delivery addresses, there is a high chance that the transaction is genuine.

But IKEA doesn’t take Amex and as I don’t use my Visa card on-line because of the dreaded Verified-by-Visa waste of time and space, I was a bit stumped on how to order the next phase of my kitchen.

Then this morning, I tried the Visa and guess what? The Verified-by-Visa didn’t kick in. So perhaps, Nationwide and IKEA have come to my conclusion, that it is a hindrance to business against their joint interest.

Let’s hope the delivery gets through this time!

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  1. It happens automatically without anything coming on the screen. Occasionally if my computer is very slow the words “verified by Visa” flash onto the screen for a second or two but you don’t have to do anything.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | October 19, 2015 | Reply

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