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It’s Only Cash Or Contactless Credit Card For Me!

I had a chat with a solicitor, I met on a train yesterday about credit card fraud. I said that I try to use my contactless card if possible and get mildly annoyed if a company expects me to enter my pin for a purchase of about a tenner.

She agreed and said she had been involved in formulating the legal basis of the payments policy of a large retailer. She made some interesting points.

  • Fraud on contactless cards seems to be lower than predicted. We both added a caveat of Not Yet!
  • Some retailers have reported a strong move from cash to contactless cards.
  • Research has shown, that people keep contactless cards very safe, in a place like a deep pocket, to avoid accidental transactions.

I also said that a policeman had told me, that stolen contactless cards aren’t often used in a contactless manner. She said that thirty quid isn’t worth getting caught for, when there’s a bent shop where you can make thousands.

I said that, I once used my ordinary card in a branch of a well-known franchise to purchase an SD card. The lady, who served me, was a Muslim from her dress and when my card didn’t work in the machine, she told me that she’d used the wrong one. So she asked me to put my card in another. Which I did and the purchase was completed.

Within a few hours my card had been cloned and  some expensive purchases were made. My companion confirmed it was a trick beloved of small shops and garages.

So I had been conned by a simple sleight-of-hand! Did the money end up with Islamic State? Probably not, but you do wonder!

I now only use cash or contactless credit card for my smaller purchases.

I also now rarely use small shops, unless I’ve known them for some time. And I certainly wouldn’t use a credit card without it being contactless.



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