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Loughborough Junction Station And Around

I took these pictures of Loughborough Junction station and its environs.

I do wonder if a four-poster station can be built here, to connect the South London Line that passes over the station to the current Loughborough Junction.

This Google Map shows the station and the surrounding area.

Loughborough Junction Station

Loughborough Junction Station

Note the following about the railway lines and Loughborough Junction station.

  • There are four lines going over the station, with the London Overground being the two lines on the southern side.
  • The Thameslink lines are the ones going North-South through the area.
  • The station only has two platforms on these lines.
  • Platforms on the two spurs; Brixton and Cambria, were closed many years ago.

The height difference between the two sets of lines is probably no more than at Smethwick Galton Bridge station, where a four post station has been successfully built.

To say there are a mass of lines and the associated railway arches, filled with small businesses, would be an understatement.

This area should be able to be developed to provide what the people of the area need. A stylish and practical station linking both lines could be part of the development.

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