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Why Does Bradford Have Two Stations?

When I wrote The New Apperley Bridge Station, I noted that on my journeys on the Calder Valley Line on Saturday and today, my trains called at Bradford Interchange, but that the trains through Apperley Bridge station called at Bradford Forster Square station.

So I asked myself, the question, that is the title of this post.

This Google Map shows the two stations.

Bradford Stations

Bradford Stations

Bradford Forster Square station is towards the top and Bradford Interchange station is towards the bottom of the map.

Bradford Interchange, which is a combined bus and rail station rebuilt and opened in the 1970s, which is not an outstanding period for superbly executed Rail stations.

To make matters worse, all trains must reverse at Bradford Interchange, which means the driver changes ends.

Note that between the two stations, there is a large shopping centre, that has been opened in 2015.

You’d have thought with all this rebuilding that a solution to the two station problem would have been found.

Two solutions have been proposed.

I know the Germans would squeeze a tram-train through somewhere, but I suspect there might be something more imaginative and much more affordable.

After all the distance is 0.7 km. and the stations only have seven platforms between them.

Around the world, there are several successful lightweight people movers in city centres.

  • High-tech and expensive monorails.
  • Light railways like the Docklands Light Railway in London.
  • Tram shuttles.
  • Travelators and escalators.
  • Free mini buses as in Manchester.

Surely, a good engineering solution at an affordable price must exist., which could connect the two stations to each other and to the shopping centre.

But what about some eco-friendly battery buses, as the distance is under a kilometre.


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