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A Walk In Bradford City Centre

I like walking in City Centres and Bradford didn’t disappoint.

Little Germany with its collection of Listed buildings was certainly a surprise.

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Arrival In Bradford Interchange Station

After Low Moor Station, I went onto Bradford, where I stayed in the City Centre Premier Inn, which has an address close to Little Germany.

Bradford has two City Centre stations; Interchange and Forster Square, with about a fifteen-minute walk between them

These pictures show my arrival in Bradford Interchange station.

Both stations have frequent services to Leeds, but if you are going, coming or visiting anywhere else make sure you pick the right station.

I discussed Bradford’s problem in Why Does Bradford Have Two Stations? and came to the solution that some form of high tech people mover would  be best.

I said this.

But what about some eco-friendly battery buses, as the distance is under a kilometre.

It could be run triangularly if necessary between the two stations and the shopping centre, with a charging station at each angle.




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Bradford Low Moor Station

Bradford Low Moor station was scheduled to open in Sprint 2016.

At the moment it is just a building site sitting by the railway.

The opening date is now set at May 2017.

The station is already on this Google Map.

Bradford Low Moor Station

Bradford Low Moor Station

I hope people don’t travel there expecting to find a train, because they see the symbol on the map.

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Tram-Trains Recommended For Leeds-Bradford Airport Link

This report on Global Rail News is entitled Tram-train preferred for Leeds Bradford Airport link, which probably says most of it.

This Google Map shows the cities of Bradford and Leeds and the airport to the North.

Bradford, Leeds and Leeds-Bradford Airport

Bradford, Leeds and Leeds-Bradford Airport

And this map shows the airport and the surrounding area from Guiseley in the North West to Horsforth in the South East.

Leeds Bradford Airport

Leeds Bradford Airport

Both towns have stations.

If you need to travel between the two towns by rail, you need to change trains at Leeds.

The consultants report recommends that to link Leeds to the airport a tram-train link be built from Horsforth.

This Google Map shows the countryside between Horsforth station and the southern end of Leeds-Bradord Airport.

Horsforth To Leeds-Bradford Airport

Horsforth To Leeds-Bradford Airport

Horsforth station is in the South East corner of the map.

It would seem to not be the biggest engineering project to construct the airport link.

Although, it should be born in mind, that the area around and between Leeds and Bradford is not by any means flat and pilots of light aircraft are usually cautious on the approach to the airport, because the terrain causes all sorts of winds and updraughts.

This Google map shows the country between Guiseley and the northern end of Leeds-Bradford Airport.

Guiseley To Leeds-Bradford Airport

Guiseley To Leeds-Bradford Airport

Guiseley station is in the North West corner of this map.

It would probably not be as easy to built a link from Guiseley to the airport, that could handle tram-trains, as to build one from Horsforth.

Years ago, the Otley and Ilkey Joint Railway planned to create a railway from Guiseley to Horsforth via Yeadon, but it was never built and the Yeadon Branch was closed to all traffic in 1964.

It would be ironic, if tram-trains were to reconnect Guiseley and Horsforth via Leeds-Bradford Airport, along the route of the Yeadon Branch.

If a route from the airport to Guiseley could be built for tram-trains, then they could carry on to Bradford Forster Square station, thus giving Bradford direct access to the airport.

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Why Does Bradford Have Two Stations?

When I wrote The New Apperley Bridge Station, I noted that on my journeys on the Calder Valley Line on Saturday and today, my trains called at Bradford Interchange, but that the trains through Apperley Bridge station called at Bradford Forster Square station.

So I asked myself, the question, that is the title of this post.

This Google Map shows the two stations.

Bradford Stations

Bradford Stations

Bradford Forster Square station is towards the top and Bradford Interchange station is towards the bottom of the map.

Bradford Interchange, which is a combined bus and rail station rebuilt and opened in the 1970s, which is not an outstanding period for superbly executed Rail stations.

To make matters worse, all trains must reverse at Bradford Interchange, which means the driver changes ends.

Note that between the two stations, there is a large shopping centre, that has been opened in 2015.

You’d have thought with all this rebuilding that a solution to the two station problem would have been found.

Two solutions have been proposed.

I know the Germans would squeeze a tram-train through somewhere, but I suspect there might be something more imaginative and much more affordable.

After all the distance is 0.7 km. and the stations only have seven platforms between them.

Around the world, there are several successful lightweight people movers in city centres.

  • High-tech and expensive monorails.
  • Light railways like the Docklands Light Railway in London.
  • Tram shuttles.
  • Travelators and escalators.
  • Free mini buses as in Manchester.

Surely, a good engineering solution at an affordable price must exist., which could connect the two stations to each other and to the shopping centre.

But what about some eco-friendly battery buses, as the distance is under a kilometre.


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A New Bus For West Yorkshire

When searching for Routemaster and wi-fi, I found this article from the Bradford Telegraph and Argus. Here’s the first two paragraphs.

Transport company First has revealed plans to introduce London-style buses in Bradford and the whole of West Yorkshire.

It is proposing to introduce a fleet of Routemaster buses, which would have multi-door entry and exit points including a hop-on and off platform at the rear, free wi-fi and lower emissions.

As someone who has seen the transformation of the new Routemaster-equipped route 38, over the last couple of years, I believe that these buses have three main benefits for the passengers. The buses are faster, because they load and unload quicker, but surprisingly they are much friendlier places than the older London double-deckers, as the design seems to promote conversation and politeness. But as someone, who often travels with a large shopping bag and who sometimes can be a bit unsteady, their ride is so much better, that I choose my routes home accordingly.

I don’t think Bradford though, will buy Routemasters, as after all they are a London thing, and cities of the north don’t generally follow good examples from the capital. Look at their bus maps and information from the Dark Ages for a start.

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The Football Fan In A Hijab

The BBC web site has this article, which talks about fifteen-year-old Amina Qureshi supporting Bradford in a hijab.

I actually don’t think this is as rare as the article makes out.  When I saw Ipswich win at Bolton, I came across a small group of Asian girls supporting, some of whom were similarly attired.

I seem to remember too, a young girl in a hijab, with her father, who was wearing fairly traditional clothes for a Muslim man at Leyton Orient, which has more than a few Muslim supporters.

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