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The Last Class 378 Train Has Been Lengthened

The last Class 378 train to be lengthened to five cars has a special board on the front.

The Last Class 378 Train Has Been Lengthened

The Last Class 378 Train Has Been Lengthened

According to this article on RailStaff, the trains won’t be going to six cars. This is said.

Six car is not really an option on either the North London Line or particularly the East London Line because of the constraints of the tunnels.

If that is the case, then to get more capacity, they will need an increased frequency and probably more trains. The Wikipedia entry for the Class 710 trains that will be used on other Overground lines says this.

TfL invited expressions of interest for a total of 39 four-car EMUs in April 2014, with 30 required for the Cheshunt and Chingford routes, 8 for the Gospel Oak to Barking, and 1 for the Romford to Upminster. Since then the planned procurement has been increased to 45 four-car EMUs, with the additional 6 units intended for the Watford DC Line. The intention is that the five-car Class 378 trains used on the Watford route will be cascaded back to the North London and East London Lines to allow for strengthened services.

So it looks like the Watford DC Lines will be running different trains, although they will be the same as those on the Gospel Oak to Barking Line. So the GOBlin will be getting dual-voltage trains, so this means that in future an extension to invade South London via Acton and Hounslow is not compromised.

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