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Progress On The Gospel Oak To Barking Electrification – 15th February 2016

I intend to do a post like this every so often, when I travel on the line.

At the moment I’m rather surprised at the progress or in some areas the lack of it on the electrification of the line.

  • Piles for the electrification are best described as spasmodic and it would appear to me, that they could be having problems getting them into the ground.
  • Some piles have been put in on the link to the East Coast Main Line.
  • On the viaduct section, from the train there appears to be no work, although I am suspicious that the brickwork now been notches in places for overhead gantries.
  • I still feel that there is the possibility of supporting the wires from between the tracks, as is done in many places on the Continent.
  • Nothing much appears to have been done on any of the stations except moving some utilities and platform furniture.
  • There has been no clearing of existing overgrown platform extensions or marking where the gantries will go.

I just feel that with the closures so far, that more would have been done.

Especially, as it would be good for so many reasons, if the closures were minimised, by doing as much work before they happen.

This link gives the latest closures on the line. Currently it is dated the 15th February 2016 and details closures until the 7th August 2016.

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