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We All Go Round In Circles

I am a Control Engineer by training and I have extensively modelled dynamic systems and constantly changing projects, which are updated regularly, if not daily.

My experience tells me that because we are a rich and innovative nation, that we will attract migrants because they know if they work hard here, they will earn enough to look after their families. Which patently many can’t do in the war-ravaged countries they’ve come from.

Most migrants will bring skills and muscle to fuel our growth, whether we like it or not.

So we get richer as a nation and more and more migrants are attracted to come.

One way to stop the migrants is to say, that we will not let them in and stop them coming.

But then the NHS and other industries wouldn’t have the labour they need, as many migrants settled here would move on to places that valued their skills.

An alternative would be to close down our economy, so that migrants are no longer attracted. Control Engineering says you must balance your production to the need and the resources you have available.

I believe that because of the maths, we either accept migrants or reduce our standard of living dramatically. Our Victorian forefathers brought in the migrants and the rest as they say is history!

This evening, the bookies have it that it’s six to one on, that we stay.

I once had a horse start a race at odds of twenty-two-to-one on. The horse came home by almost the length of the straight at Ayr.

The bookies were right as they generally are!


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