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The Lines At Battersea Power Station On the Way Into Victoria

This Google Map shows the area to the West of Battersea Power station, where the various lines go across the Thames into Victoria.

Battersea Power Station, The Lines Into Victoria And The Dogs Home

Battersea Power Station, The Lines Into Victoria And The Dogs Home


This image was taken a couple of years ago and the iconic gas-holders next to the power station and between the rail lines were still standing.

The lines to the West of the gas holders include the Brighton Main Line. They go through Battersea Park station before turning towards Clapham Junction station and all places to the South.

The lines to the East of the gas holders include the Chatham Main Line. They go via Wandsworth Road, Chatham High Street, and Brixton stations to places in Kent and the South-East.

There is also a set of lines that come from the station and go under the Chatham Main Line before turning to the West towards Clapham Junction.

It certainly is a complicated layout of tracks and points.

This map from might make things a bit clearer.

Lines Between Battersea And Victoria

Lines Between Battersea And Victoria

Note on the map, there is a Battersea Park Road station on the Chatham Main Line.  The new station wouldn’t surely be far from this position.

This set of images were taken on a train from a Clapham Junction to Victoria train show the Chatham Main Line, as it passes the power station and the Dogs Home.


  1. The new modern viaduct, where the Chatham Main Line crosses over the third set of lines.
  2. The massive area, where the gas-holders once stood.
  3. There is quite a space between the lines going through Battersea and the Chatham Main Lines,
  4. How the Dogs Home seems to be using any bit of space they can.

Although not a lover of the power station, the flats do seem to be hiding any decent view of the iconic building.

This is another set of images, which were taken coming in to Victoria on the Chatham Main Line.

Note that taken with the previous set of pictures, they certainly reinforce what I said there.

This third set of images show the other side of the Chatham Main Line going out from Victoria.


  1. There wouldn’t appear to be much space between the flats and the line, so the new Battersea station will probably be built further towards the South.
  2. If you look at these pictures carefully, you can see when the train is on the new concrete viaduct.
  3. It would appear that there are three tracks on the viaduct.
  4. The blue building is only shown as it puts a marker on the line.

If I was going to be pushed, I would suspect that a new station could be built fairly easily, that was linked by escalators and lifts to Battersea Power Station station.

I’ll leave the position and design to the architects and engineers.

But before I finish this post, look at this Google Map.


In the South-West corner, there is Battersea Park station.

Some think it an architectural gem, but I think, it’s a dump and a death-trap for anybody with any movement problems. This post entitled Battersea Park Station gives some more details.

In the North-East corner, you can just see Battersea Power Station.

The map of the lines earlier in this post, showed that the Northern Line Extension points at Battersea Park station, if the map is correct.

So could it be that now the gas-holders are cleared, that it would be possible to create a surface level walkway between all three stations.

  • Battersea Power Station tube station on the Northern Line Extension.
  • The proposed Battersea station on the Chatham Main Line into Victoria.
  • Battersea Park station on the Brighton Main Line into Victoria.

It would certainly make things a lot easier for architects, construction companies, train operators and passengers.

It would probably just be called Battersea! Or Perhaps Cats and Dogs! Would it be the first station in the world named after a charity?

One point is that the remains of Battersea Park Road station are still tucked into the bridge, that takes the Chatham Main Line over Battersea Park Road.

As you often find in this country, the railway arches under the viaduct seem to be in very good condition.

A combined station would be a station with very good connectivity.

One interesting possibility, is that a terminating platform could be provided at the station. Occasional services to Dalston Junction do already terminate at the station and perhaps if reorganised South London Line services were created. then Victoria And Battersea could share terminating duties, just as Dalston Junction and Highbury and Islington stations do at the Northern End of the East London Line.

The proposed tunnel under Brixton would start somewhere to the South of Battersea Park Road.


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