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From Victoria To Bromley South

I took this sequence of pictures to show the route of trains from Victoria down the Chatham Main Line to the first important station of Bromley South.

The route goes past or through these stations.

The Brixton Tunnel proposed by the Centre for London report called Turning South London Orange, would start in the Battersea area and emerge before West Dulwich station.

This journey illustrates one of the benefits of the Brixton Tunnel.

Fast trains from Victoria to Bromley South and on to Kent down the Chatham Main Line, would have their own private express tunnel to keep them clear of all the lines through Battersea, Wandsworth, Clapham, Brixton and Herne Hill.


  • Kent services will probably be a few minutes faster.
  • There will be capacity for more trains between Victoria and Kent.
  • Thameslink and other services that cross the Chatham Main Line will not have to wait for the fast trains to go through.
  • There would appear to be plenty of space for a tunnel portal at Battersea on railway land.
  • After West Dulwich station, the trains will run as now.

It will also have major positive affects on the lines across South London.

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