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Is This How To Do Small Business?

Opposite Ed’s Shed in De Beauvoir Town is an old factory block of indeterminate age, with little architectural merit.

So what is happening?

It is being turned into a series of units for small businesses called the De Beauvoir Block.

Surely, we need more initiatives like this?

I should say, that although De Beauvoir Town is mainly residential, tucked into lots of the nooks and crannies , there are small business units.

Like the De Beauvoir Block, many have been created by the landowner, the Benyon Estate.

The estate are not distant, like many of the owners of large parts of our cities, but seem to want to create a vibrant and prosperous community.

After all, modern economics says they would make more money by flattering the block and building tower blocks of buy-to-leave flats.

The biggest tragedy of the area is that parts of De Beauvoir Town were demolished in the 1960s to build anonymous local authority housing, some of which has already been rebuilt.

The good thing though, is that there are still more nooks, crannies and factories to do some more creative development.

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