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Losing The Plot?

David Aaronovitch in The Times today has a piece about the Labour Party and its leadership election.

He says this.

On the very day that Theresa May was, in effect, transfigured into prime minister, Corbyn was at a meeting of the Cuba Solidarity Committee, recommitting to the dynastic dictatorship of the Castros, just as he has been doing these 40 years.

Was Corbyn getting advice?

I am virtually Corbyn’s age and I can remember the ardent, often heavy smoking, left-wingers we had when I was at Liverpool University, in the 1960s. Prominent amongst them was that pillar of the left; Robert Kilroy Silk, who incidentally was C’s tutor and persisted in smoking Capstan |Full Strength all through tutorials, despite C being pregnant at the time.

I have checked the Internet for all the left-wingers, that I remember from that time and all seem to have vanished without trace. I wonder how many are living in semis in Pinner, Mossley Hill and Edgbaston, with a Mondeo outside and 2.4 children?


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  1. David Aaronovitch was active in student politics when I was at Manchester in the mid 1970’s. At that time he was a communist himself, although whether he carried a card I do not know. Like me he was then slim with long hair, but had more luck with girls. We have both cut our hair and spread out a bit… I wasn’t in a political party while a student, but eventually joined and stayed with the Liberals. OTOH David has moved steadily [and some might say cynically] to the right.

    Labour has fallen into the trap of revealed check. Mesmerised by the utter Conservative chaos after the referendum, they carried on trying to get rid of Jeremy “fiddled while the Treaty of Rome burned” Corbyn. The Tories of course came up with a rapid resolution of their leadership race just as Labour kicked off theirs. As the Andrea Leadsom piece was lifted off the board, so check was revealed. Labour will spend all summer fighting amongst themselves while the Tories consolidate and start trying to clear up the mess they have made for us all. May will be strongly tempted to call a General Election in the autumn if Labour are in disarray and before the Brexit recession really starts to bite and avoid the fate of Gordon Brown, who bottled doing so in 2007.

    Comment by Mark Clayton | July 14, 2016 | Reply

  2. Aaronovitch has talked about his leftward leanings in the past.

    I still think that we’re in for some surprises before the end of the year.

    The reason, I feel this is that, we will get some very radical thinking from those that normally keep their heads down and just get on with the job.

    We saw the dramatic new way of bringing HS2 to Sheffield, by following the Midland Main Line and if I’m right, sharing high speed track.

    I feel that Hinckley Point C will go and that it will be replaced by a few small modular nuclear reactors and a power cable to Iceland.

    The biggest infrastructure problem is if and where to build another runway in the South East. I think Brexit will alter the thinking on this and we may see something totally different.

    My money is on no new runway in the South East!

    The trouble with this country, is that it is too conservative. And that is both right and left, business owners and unions.

    Comment by AnonW | July 14, 2016 | Reply

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