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How Will Crossrail 2 Affect Kingston?

This post was suggested to me, by this page on the Kingston Council web site, which is entitled Crossrail 2 to bring major benefits to the Royal Borough of Kingston.

After a couple of trips to the area in the last week or so, I thought I’d better have a look.

So what have I found already.

Waterloo Station Suburban Services Going To Crossrail 2

In An Analysis Of Waterloo Suburban Services Proposed To Move To Crossrail 2, I looked at services into Waterloo , that could be going to Crossrail 2.

These suburban termini and their routes are due to be connected to Crossrail 2.


Wikipedia says this about Crossrail 2 services to the South West, after surfacing from the tunnel South of Wimbledon station.

  • 20 tph at Raynes Park National Rail
  • 8-10 tph at Motspur Park National Rail
  • Exclusive use of the Chessington Branch Line to Chessington South (4 tph)
  • Mixed use of the Raynes Park – Epsom line to Epsom National Rail (Sutton and Mole Valley Lines) (4-6 tph)
  • 10-12 trains per hour at New Malden National Rail
  • Exclusive use of the Hampton Court Branch Line to Hampton Court (4 tph) with interchange at Surbiton National Rail
  • Shared use of the Shepperton Branch Line with 6-8 tph to Teddington National Rail and 4 trains per hour to Shepperton National Rail

My analysis shows that this pattern of service can be handled in two ways.

  • Using a Crossrail 2 tunnel from Wimbledon.
  • Using a dedicated high-capacity two-track line with Crossrail/Thameslink-style Automatic Train Operation (ATO), into an updated Waterloo.

So as far as Kingston is concerned, the Royal Borough will get the same improved levels of service, whether Crossrail 2 is built or not, as the only difference will be North of Wimbledon.

Station And Track Improvements On The Branch Lines

This will be the one major set of works that will effect Kingston.

  • Installation of lifts and platform improvements to make the proposed Crossrail 2 stations step-free.
  • Removal of level crossings on the Crossrail 2 branches.

I don’t know anything specific, but all stations and level crossings on Crossrail 2 routes will certainly be assessed.

New Trains

A big change will be the trains running on all the South-Western suburban lines out of Waterloo.

  • All platforms in Waterloo station are being lengthened to take ten-car trains.
  • The Hounslow Loop Line was recently updated with ten-car platforms.
  • All the latest trains bought by South West Trains are in sets of five-cars, which can run as pairs to create a ten-car train.

I’ve read somewhere that South West Trains are going for a ten-car railway.

\As the new trains for the Essex suburban services of Greater Anglia, are also a mixture of  five- and ten-car trains, there must be some magic in the train length.

What will be the capabilities of these trains?

  • 100-mph or more cruising speed.
  • Impressive acceleration and braking.
  • Wide lobbies for fast loading and unloading of passengers.
  • Level access between train and platform.
  • Wheelchairs, buggies and heavy cases will just roll across.
  • The ability to run under limited ATO.
  • Lots of driver assistance systems.
  • Driver Only Operation (DOO)

The trains will be truly-revolutionary and because their design coud result in upwards of a minute being saved at every stop.

At present trains are conservatively timetabled, as no-one wants late trains, but if a route is served exclusively by these new breeds of high-performance easy-entry trains, designed for a particular route, jouirney times will shorten.

The first trains of this standard to be introduced will be the Class 345 trains for Crossrail, which will start running between Liverpool Street and Shenfield stations in May 2017. The published timetables show a saving of about five minutes on the journey.

I believe this is just a taster of what can be achieved.

If trains of this type were to be run on the suburban branches from Waterloo, this would do the following.

  • Introduce four tph on all routes.
  • Introduce ten-car trains on all routes.
  • Reduce journey times on all routes.
  • I believe total out-and-back times from Waterloo will be reduced to under an hour, as this drammatically reduces the number of trains needed to provide 4 tph.

These trains will be introduced if Crossrail 2 is built or not. The recently-purchased Class 707 trains, will probably offer the same performance improvements as Crossrail’s Class 345 trains.

So what will these trains do for Kingston?

  • The fastest journeys between Kingston and London Waterloo stations currently take 28 minutes with seven stops.
  • So Kingstonians will probably see times of around twenty minutes on this route, using ten-car trains, that stop at the same stations.
  • It won’t be just one train an hour, but every train via Wimbledon, will achieve these timings.

Wikipedia says current hourly Off Peak services is as follows.

  • 6 to Waterloo, of which:
    • 4 run via Wimbledon
    • 2 run via Richmond and Twickenham
  • 2 to Shepperton

But with new trains, there could be the following increases in services.

  • 4 tph instead of 2 tph to Shepperton
  • 4 tph instead of 2 tph on the Kingston Loop

This well mean the services at Kingston could be.

  • 10 to Waterloo, of which:
    • 8 run via Wimbledon
    • 4 run via Richmond and Twickenham
  • 4 to Shepperton

This will mean  Kingston to Waterloo will see a 67% increase in frequency and every train will be new ten-car trains.




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